1969 Firebird Convertible Pictures (Purchased 23 July 2001)

Pontiac 350 2bbl. Fair looking paint. A new top. New carpet kit came with the car to be installed still. During the days after it was purchased (Monday through Saturday) the car was preped to go on the trip to Reno.

A number of issues were discovered. Leaking rear wheel ended up being not only the brakes, but also the axle seal. And on looking closer there was about an inch of play in the rear axle bearing. Ended up doing bearings and seals on both sides, which involved getting a replacement axle shaft (from a 67 but what are the odds of a small local yard having a firebird axle at all). First shaft was bad, second was ok, got it all done and bearings pressed just before the machine shop closed on Friday (as the bad axle shaft was discovered on Friday). Also during the week, all hoses and belts replaced. PCV and power steering pressure and return lines, and PS system bleeding was done. New radiator installed (first one that arrived at the store was used, so had another day delay on that). Electrical was cleaned up a bit so more worked than when purchased. Hole in fuel tank (plug used was a 1/4" round stick) was repaired. Fuel pump was replaced because of a leak. The first pump was incorrect and was given for a 4bbl even though I specifically told the parts guy it was a 2bbl. The 2bbl pump required a modification to one of the mounting holes to fit, which a drill took care off in a few seconds. Wheel center cap was very loose on one of the rear wheels, and that was fixed, which lead to the discover of the rear axle problems mentioned above. Rear end service (gears look ok for 31 years old). Front tire balance to resolve a shake over 55mph (if I recall, one wheel was 3.5oz out of balance on one side). Clean up and adjust carb a bit (was set to idle about 2000RPM when I bought it). And I'm sure a few other things I forget at the moment.

On top of that, about a day was spent cleaning the grime off the interior, seats mostly. All in all, amazing what was done in 5 days, and the car made the trip to Reno and back with no problems (a couple of overheats while up there because a belt was not tight, and a hose clamp was not tight).