Josh Pavlovich

1968 Plymouth GTX

Engine: 440HP 4bbl

Body: 2 door hard top

HP: 375 (factory #)

Torque: 480 ft/lbs (factory #)

Owned: Since June 2000

Notes/Mods: The GTX is pretty much back together after about a year of paint and body work. The picture above is shortly after the car is back from paint, with the basic trim back on. I have a few hundred pictures of the progress made on the car (lots of pictures) . MORE ON THE GTX>>

1969 Pontiac Firebird Convertible

Engine: Pontiac 350 2bbl

Body: 2 door convertible

HP: (factory #)

Torque: ft/lbs (factory #)

Owned: Since July 2001

Notes/Mods: This car was originally purchased 1 week before leaving for Hot August Nights 2001 in Reno. A number of issues were resolved, and it was nice to have a convertible in the warm summer weather. After a bit more cleanup, this car may be up for sale. Just put in new carpet, and working on the seat covers as I have time. MORE ON THE FIREBIRD>>

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